I am offering online lessons for beginner and advanced students,via Skype or at my Home on the Cape Breton Island (Canada).

You can choose from Classical, Jazz  and Cape Breton Style Celtic fiddling styles on the Violin.

I also teach Celtic Guitar Chording.

To ensure continuity in your progression I only teach by blocks of at least two lessons.
You can choose between pre-paid lessons to be used at your convenience, or a monthly fee entitling you to one lesson per week.

I hope to see you online soon,


  • Payment: Paypal transfer
  • Pre-Paid:
    • 2x30 Minutes Lessons:  $120 (Canadian)
    • 2x60 Minutes Lessons:  $200 (Canadian)
  • Monthly (1 Lesson per Week):
    • 30 Minutes: $200 (Canadian)
    • 60 Minutes: $350 (Canadian)

Test Lesson / Getting in Touch

To get in touch for lessons, just contact me via email or Skype, I will offer a 30 minutes lesson to evaluate your level:

  • Email: fiddlercote1@gmail.com
  • Skype: fiddlercote1@gmail.com