Introduction Digital (+Bonus Track)


Special Thanks to Patti Millet for encouraging me to reproduce this recording.


Jigs: Top of cork road / Haste to the Wedding / Campbell Road (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)

Blue Stocking Clog / Bee’s Wing Hornpipe / Branford Hornpipe / Bee Be’s Hornpipe

Bog An Lochan Strathspey / As Athoiseach Reel / Loch Derculich Reel

Dean Brig O’Edinburg / Banks Hornpipe / Trumpet Hornpipe

Loch Earn Reel / Cross of Inverness Reel / Lord MacDonald Reel

The High Bridge Jig (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN) / The Wedding Jig (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN) / The Cheticamp Jig (Elmer Briand)

Mrs Ferguson of Rath March / Craig O’Barns Strathspey / Neil Roy Reel / The Red Mill Reel (Dan H. MacEachern, SOCAN)

Lady from Cavan Reel / Miss Paterson Reel / Colliers Reel

Auld Robin Gray (The words by Laddy Anne Lindsay {1750 – 1825} and Air by Rev. William Leeves {1748 – 1828})

Christie Campbell (Cairistiona Caimbeul) Strathspey / CNUIC Rud ha Mhabou Strathspey / The Bridge of Bamore Reel / Traditional Reel / The Mason’s Apron Reel

Bonus Track: Gladys Cote Stone’s Waltz /  My Father Gordon Cote’s Waltz