Dwayne Cote Solo vol.1



This CD is the first volume of a series made from my own compositions.
Each and every one of these tunes represents a memory of a person, place or event in my life. I dedicate this record to every person that has helped me along the way by attending events, putting on shows and keeping Celtic Music alive.

All the best from Cape Breton.


Track List

(All Tunes are Compositions of Dwayne Côté’s, registered at SOCAN)

  1. John Wayne Landry’s Farewell
  2. Colin Mac Kinnon’s Marching Tune/Dougie Mac Phee’s Crown Victoria Reel/My Father Gordon Cote’s Style Reel/Tribute to Estwood Davidson’s Reel/Alex And Minnie MacMaster’s Magic Reel
  3. ChickPea’s Reel/Rodney Mac Donald of Mabou’s Lively Reel/Glenn Graham’s Lively Dance Reel/Clare Baxter’s of Ottawa Reel
  4. Danny Cotie’s Tune/Gordon Cote’s Irish Reel/Richard Leys Reel
  5. Dale White,Darrin Cote and Dwayne Cote’s Trip/Kevin Roach’s Hornpipe
  6. Lament for Oliver Roxburgh
  7. Alex Cameron’s Strathspey/Brian Roxburgh’s Reel/Tanna Roxbourgh/Jason Cotie’s Reel/Duane Andrew’s Reel
  8. Patricia Mac Donald’s Strathspey/Angus Chisholm The Great One Reel/Dougie And Dwayne’s Trip to Ste Anne du Beaupre/John Dan Stone The Red Reel
  9. Jigs for Dances Jig/Donnie Campbell’s Jig/Alex Cameron’s Jig
  10. The Old Shed/Adam Youngs New House/Billy Sampson’s Party Reel
  11. Dr. Angus MacDonald’s Pipe March/Alan Mac Donald’s Pipe March
  12. Vernon Cotie’s Strathspey/J.P. Cormier’s Reel
  13. Greg Silver’s Reel/Beth Whyte’s/Neil Gow’s Dream
  14. Jerry Holland The Red Drummer Strathspey/My Friends Paul And Tracy Mac Neil Reel/David Forsyth’s Reel