The Journey Home Digital Edition (+Bonus Track)

Digital Edition of this classic Recording from Dwayne Cote on Fiddle and Dr. Dave MacIsaac on Guitar.


This Record was made after coming back from touring the Middle-East, and I am very proud to have the music genius of Dave MacIsaac.
I hope you enjoy this long awaited revival to which I wanted to add a new track in tribute to my cousin John Wayne Landry, whom I dearly miss.

Best Wishes

Track List

    • Elmer Briand Jig / Peter’s Jig
    • Chrismas Island Strathspey / Winston Junior Reel
    • Paul Crandford Strathspey / John Donald Cameron Reel
    • Bunter MacEwen’s Farewell
    • In Memory of Winston Fitzgerald Air / My Dad’s Reel
    • Andante/Dienne
    • David of the White Rock
    • Interview with Estwood Davidson
    • Bonus Track: John Wayne Landry’s Farewell / Traditional Reel